October 6, 1912 ... The Polo Grounds seats 38,000 people with standing room for many more. At midnight, a crowd of over 500 people gathered at the gates of the Polo Grounds to bivouac until the ticket booths open in the morning.  Many arrivals today were the nation’s top baseball writers.  In all there will be over 300 workers, including telegraph operators.  An extra press box has been provided with over 100 wires strung into the Polo Grounds.  It is expected that nationwide, over 10,000 telegraph operators will be relaying news of the game.  Interest is so great that huge electric scoreboards have been erected in many cities to flash descriptions of the plays to street crowds.

The Giants are planning a practice game against the Highlanders, while the Red Sox will work out at Fenway Park before catching the afternoon train for New York. The Royal Rooters arrived in New York along with Washington Nationals players, who plan to root enthusiastically for the Red Sox.