October 7, 1912
The Giants worked out this morning and played a game against the Highlanders in the afternoon.  The Red Sox arrived in New York for supper and remained close to the hotel during the evening.

Connie Mack, manager of the Athletics sees the Giants as a team who played well up to the middle of the season when they slowed down, but they put it together for the home stretch. He thinks they should continue the strong play into the post season.  Manager McGraw plays an aggressive style of baseball, taking chances on the bases, and shifting his offense to play on a weakness of his opponent’s defense.  When he sized up the Red Sox, Connie Mack sees a team full of confidence.  No matter who they faced, nor who was pitching, has fazed the Red Sox.  He also likes their ability to come from behind demonstrating that confidence throughout the year.  He feels the Red Sox are physically a lot stronger than the Giants, and can boast team speed as another strong point.  He feels the Red Sox are the best fielding team in baseball and as strong a hitting team as anyone, all-around quick thinkers, who hustle all the time and never let up. 

The Red Sox are strong on the mound with Wood, O’Brien, and Collins, with Hall and Bedient to back them up.  On the other side, Christy Mathewson will be counted on to be clever for the Giants, and Rube Marquard is strong.  Jeff Tesreau’s spitter will result in a few long drives, which may affect his confidence.  Joe Wood is a superb hitter, but the other Boston pitchers will lose ground to the Giants in that area.  The Red Sox outfield is the best in baseball when it comes to fielding and sharp throwing.  The Giants will work the base on balls and are not afraid to take chances on the bases.  Luck may play a big part in the series, because it is always possible for a weaker team to capitalize on breaks given to them.  Mack expects a few surprises from the Giants, but gives Boston the edge in the series.