The Red Sox honored at Fanueil Hall

October 17, 1912 ... The Mayor arrived at Fenway Park before noon congratulating each player in the dressing room.  Twelve autos were waiting to take them downtown. The Mayor’s car headed the procession and beside him were manager, Jake Stahl, Hugh Bedient, Tris Speaker, Joe Wood and Olaf Henriksen. 

Headed by the band, they made their way through the streets from Fenway, down Jersey St, to Boylston Street, to Mass Ave, to Columbus Ave to Park Square and finally to Fanueil Hall, to a packed, yelling, singing and cheering crowd.  The volume of the cheers inside the hall was terrific, while the size outside was a seething whirlpool of humanity.  Every seat in the hall was taken and the aisles jammed. 

The place was full before the team arrived at 1PM.  Inside the hall, the Royal Rooters were wildly enthusiastic and allowed the speakers to speak. The Mayor was the biggest fan.  He introduced each player by acknowledging what they had done in the World Series, therefore allowing the crowd to know who was about to be saluted. The players, all seated on the stage looked like they would rather face Christy Mathewson again, than speak to this crowd. When the captain, Heinie Wagner was called on and appeared reluctant to talk, someone shouted out “Don’t strike out!!!”