October 13, 1916 ... The Red Sox showed up at Fenway Park around noon to collect their paychecks and head home.  Most of the players were heading south to warmer winter climates.  Both Bill Carrigan and Rube Foster claim they will not be back and plan to retire.  Vean Gregg and Heinie Wagner were each voted a 3/4 share, while Weldon Wycoff and Herb Pennock a half share each.  Many of the team's other behind the scenes members were also given parrtial shares.

Rube Foster will head home to Oklahoma, while Carl Mays and a friend will drive to his home in Oregon.  Bill Carrigan and Heinie Wagner will leave for Bill's camp in Maine, surrounding rumors that Carrigan will run for mayor of Lewiston.  Sam Agnew and Sam Jones with their wives will head to Ohio on Sunday.  Ernie Shore will go to the hospital to have a minor operation on his throat.  Vean Gregg's contract will expire this year and the feeling is that he will not return.  Jack Barry has organized an exhibition game against the Colonials of New Haven.  Duffy Lewis, Chick Shorten, Mike McNally, Tilly Walker, Babe Ruth, Hick Cady, Pinch Thomas, Dick Hoblitzell, Olaf Henriksen, Everett Scott and Ty Cobb are expected to participate in two games, one in New Haven and one in New Hampshire.  In New Hampshire the players will be guests of Ed Maynard at his camp in Plymouth NH, and then head home next week.

Hick Cady will be behind the plough on his farm next week, while Dick Hoblitzell will stay in Boston for a month.  Mike McNally and Chick Shorten plan to leave next week for Pennsylvania.  Tilly Walker is using his check to sell pianos with his brother in Tennessee.

President Lannin addressed the team before the checks were distributed and thanked them for a great season.  He said that when the team assembled next spring, he was sure Bill Carrigan would return and not retire.

October 15, 1916 ... The New Haven Colonials, headed by Ty Cobb and former New York Highlander, Ray Keating, managed to play the Red Sox to a 3-3 tie in New Haven  Babe Ruth was handed a two run lead but gave it back. 

President Johnson said he planned to enforce the rule that prohibits championship teams from barnstorming without the consent of the American League.  The Red Sox players involved in the game will be fined and the hefty penalty will be taken from their paychecks next year according to the league president.  The rule was put in effect several years ago when the championship teams of both leagues went barnstorming and were beaten by local semi-pro and small town teams just to make a few extra dollars and therefore risk injury, hurting the major league teams that owned their contracts.