Jackie Bradley Jr makes a game saving catch
against the Yankees

ON THIS DATE (July 16, 2017) ... David Price threw the pitch and grimaced, hearing what he described later as being the loudest noise he ever heard from a ball coming off a bat. Such was the swing Aaron Judge put on a high fastball in the eighth inning.

Jackie Bradley Jr. turned and ran, but not too fast. He wanted to make sure he had his steps timed to arrive at the fence just when the ball got there. When he got in position, Bradley turned so his back was against the wall and jumped just high enough to catch the ball and bring it back over the metal railing.

Matt Barnes, warming up a few feet away, put both hands on his head in disbelief. The sellout crowd roared, having witnessed one of the best catches ever made at Fenway Park.

Bradley said he made sure to align his feet and jump parallel to the wall, not into it. The height of his jump had to be perfect, too.