July 28, 1914
... The game scheduled for today between the Braves and the Cubs was called off around 2 o'clock because of the wet grounds and will be played his part of a doubleheader on September 26th.

Pres. Gaffney notified manager Stallings that he had purchased Ensign Cottrell from the Baltimore Orioles. The price paid was not made public and It is expected that he will join the club tomorrow. He is credited with winning 14 games and charges with losing eight last year. He took part in 32 games during which he pitched 183 innings. His opponents were at bat 680 times and got 160 hits and scored 78 runs. He struck out 105, gave 86 base on balls, hit a player and made three wild pitches. He was relieved in six games and finished eight. Manager Stallings believes he will fit in nicely with his pitching staff and that he will be able to get a lot of good work out of him.

A southpaw, with plenty of smoke and a puzzling assortment of curves, he has always managed to win the majority of his games. Since the Baltimore team was wrecked by the sale of pitchers Eddie Shore and Babe Ruth, who went to the Red Sox, and outfielders Bert Daniels, George Twombly and Birdie Cree, that have been ripe for the picking by other teams in their league, except when Cottrell was on the mound. The work of the stocky left-hander has the Orioles at the top of the heap, but since the announcement of his sale, the fans expect the team to sink rapidly. He weighs about 170 pounds and stands 5'9" tall. He began his career in the Tri-State League where he attracted the scouts of the Chicago Cubs. Connie Mack secured him from the Cubs and worked in only one game, which he won from Detroit by a score of 10 to 7.

The a sickness of Bill James, who was taken suddenly ill and had to retire Monday at the end of the second inning was only temporary. He was at the park yesterday and said he suffered no ill effects from his nausea attack. Rabbit Maranville has a sore thumb, which may bother him a little, but he will be in the game just the same tomorrow. Johnny Evers has been very concerned for the past few days about his children, John Jr and Helen, both of whom have been ill with scarlet fever. The crisis was supposed to have passed yesterday, and this was such a relief to him that he went out to see the tennis tournament at Longwood.

While the Braves have to spot so many many teams in the way of individual playing strength, they had been winning their games mostly through what manager Stallings describes as organized baseball. But whatever the explanation, no club is hotter than the Braves. They have become a first-class fighting machine and are afraid of nothing in the league.

They will tackle the Cubs again tomorrow afternoon with all the confidence in the world, and will be greatly surprised if they do not win.. It would be a fitting climax to this season to have the club that was hopelessly in last place for the first two months, to come through to victory at the end. It is a matter of history that the Boston team in the 1880s was on last place on July 4th and then won the championship of the National League. History could repeat itself, who knows?






New York Giants 51 33 -



Chicago Cubs 51 38 2 1/2



St. Louis Cardinals 50 42 5




41 45 11



Cincinnati Reds 41 48 12 1/2



Philadelphia Phillies 39 47 13



Pittsburgh Pirates 38 47 13 1/2



Brooklyn Robins 36 47 14 1/2