August 21, 1914 ... Because of heavy showers during the night and this morning, the game between the Braves and the Pirates at Forbes Field that was scheduled for this afternoon was called off about noon, and two games will be played tomorrow. Shortly after the game was postponed, the sun came out and soon dried the grounds so that a game might easily have been played.

Johnny Evers, Rabbit Maranville, Hank Gowdy, Leslie Mann and Willie Connor, the mascot, went to the play golf this afternoon instead. Most of the other men remained around the hotel, reading and resting. All were very interested in the outcome of the game between the Giants and the Cincinnati Reds, and when it was learned that the Reds had won, that were pretty significant smiles all around.

In Cincinnati, the Reds knocked around Christy Mathewson hard in the first inning and scored three runs, which were enough to win 3 to 2. The Giants rallied in the second, after the Reds had scored three runs in the first, but they could not quite reach.

It is hoped that the Braves can get away with both games in the doubleheader tomorrow, and the Reds will also repeat against the Giants. Since the Giants are one game ahead now, such an outcome would put the Braves in the National League lead.

But whether it is tomorrow or at some other date, Stallings' boys are confident that they will catch up and pass the Giants. Judging by the recent performances of both teams, it would seem that they have good cause for this confidence. Of the last seven games played, Boston his won six and lost one, while the Giants have won one and lost six.

The Braves will have quite a number of games to be played at home after they complete the trip and their chances of winning out our as good as anybody's. The St. Louis Cardinals have been going pretty well all season, and they to bear watching also. The Braves team will leave here for Chicago at 9 PM tomorrow night.

The Cincinnati Reds hit Christy Mathewson hard in the first inning and scored three runs which were enough to beat New York 3 to 2. With one out, Buck Herzog singled and scored on George Twombly's triple. Heinie Groh's single brought in Twombly and he stole second and scored on Bert Daniels single. The Giants rallied in the second but could not quite overcome the lead.  And so the Braves gained 1/2 game on the league leaders.






New York Giants 59 46 -




58 47 1



St. Louis Cardinals 60 53 3



Chicago Cubs 58 52 3 1/2



Pittsburgh Pirates 49 57 10 1/2



Brooklyn Robins 49 58 11



Philadelphia Phillies 49 58 11



Cincinnati Reds 49 60 12