August 23, 1914 ... No game scheduled ... Although the Braves did not play today, they moved into a tie with the Giants for first place in the National League. The Giants and Jeff Tesreau were defeated by Cincinnati, 3-2, bringing the two teams into a tie, with each having one 59 games and lost 48 games. Going back, and not very far back, on July 17 the Braves were in last place and now, just one month in a week later, they are in first. From the bottom of the National League, to the top in just a little more than 30 playing days, and all this was accomplished by winning 34 out of the last 42 games.

Since leaving home 10 days ago, the team has won eight and lost two. Their first opponent on the trip were the New York Giants, who had a good lead over them in the standings. Other teams had worked their way into second place and then, when going up against the Giants in the fight for first, the other teams lost the battle. The Boston Braves have been moving along in the meanwhile and finally worked themselves into second place until they got into position to engage the league leaders, as their predecessors had done. Unlike their predecessors however the Braves opened the series at the Polo Grounds a week ago, and in the three games played there, knocked the Giants off their feet by winning every game.

Judging from what has happened since, it appears the Giants were pretty badly shaken up in that series, while the Braves have just kept on rolling. Both teams came west a week ago and on the trip so far, the Giants have lost five games and won just one. During the same interval the Braves have won five and lost two, playing against the same clubs as the New Yorkers.

It is very interesting how the Braves have jumped from last place to first, but no one can certainly forecast but is going to happen from now until October 5th. it is easy enough to say that Boston will be in the lead at that date, as many are saying. The Braves chances look good, very good, but keep in mind that there are 47 games on their schedule yet to be played and a lot can happen in those 47 games. If there are no injuries to players and they can keep up their present momentum, they have a great chance.

Stallings has the most winning pitchers in the league, with three that have been prominent in Dick Rudolph, Bill James and Lefty Tyler. Dick Crutcher and Paul Strand have not exactly been bad in the games they have pitched, as only two hits were made off Crutcher in six innings and none off Strand in two innings. Otto Hess won his game yesterday and these three second stringers look pretty good, in fact better than any bunch of second string men on any other club.

After their game today, Herbie Moran was purchased from the Cincinnati Reds and the Braves propose to try him in right field. Moran was responsible for the Reds 3-2 win over the Giants today, by knocking in the winning run, with a walk-off double in the ninth inning. Moran's hitting the season has not been up to his average, but he is an aggressive player, as well as one of the gamest men in a pinch-hitting role today, is very pleased to come to the Braves and may help out quite a bit, expecting to be with the team tomorrow. Joe Connolly, who has been ill with a stomach virus for the last few days was quite ill yesterday, but feeling better today.







59 48 -



New York Giants 59 48 -



St. Louis Cardinals 62 53 1



Chicago Cubs 58 53 3



Philadelphia Phillies 50 58 9 1/2



Pittsburgh Pirates 50 58 9 1/2



Cincinnati Reds 51 60 10



Brooklyn Robins 49 60 11