August 31, 1914 ... No game scheduled ... Winning 10 games and losing only four, the Boston Braves have made a great showing in their trip to the West, but the record for the trip was better than that, because at 13-4 there were three victories over the New York Giants which caused a tightening up of the National League standings. Not only in New York did the Boston men do better than Giants, but Boston's 10-7 record was four games better than the Giants record, so since last game was played at the South End Grounds, the Braves have made a gain of seven games in the standings.

The Braves now going to Philadelphia, where the team has not made much of a showing. Of all the clubs the Braves have played recently, the Phillies have been the hardest to beat. Boston's showing in Philadelphia will will be watched carefully by the fans. The Phillies have many heavy hitters and are likely to play harder against the Braves then they have against other teams.

It is probable that the Braves will do most of their ball playing at Fenway Park for the rest of the year. In the event the team takes the lead in the National League, it will mean tremendous crowds even for the middle of the week games. There will be series against the Cardinals, the Cubs, the Reds and of course the Giants.

At Forbes Field in Pittsburgh, the Giants and the Pirates played to a 1-1 tie in 11 innings, on a game called because of darkness. Both Al Demaree for the Giants and Bob Harmon for the Pirates were hit hard, but neither team could score more than one run each.






New York Giants 63 50 -




63 51 1/2



St. Louis Cardinals 64 57 3



Chicago Cubs 62 57 4



Philadelphia Phillies 53 61 10 1/2



Cincinnati Reds 54 63 11



Brooklyn Robins 53 62 11



Pittsburgh Pirates 52 63 12