September 20, 1914 ... No game scheduled ... The Braves have three doubleheaders scheduled this week. There will be single games with Pittsburgh on Monday and Tuesday, doubleheaders with Cincinnati on Wednesday and Thursday, and a single game with the Reds on Friday. Saturday has a doubleheader scheduled with the Cubs and that is quite a lot of work cut out for manager Stallings and the Braves players. These nine games, and those on Monday and Tuesday of next week with the Cubs will complete the season's schedule for the Braves at home.

The Giants during the same interval, also have 11 games to play, two with Chicago, four with St. Louis and five with Pittsburgh. The Giants appear to have a harder schedule. Chicago has won seven and lost 13 games with New York, but St. Louis who they play after closing with the Cubs, have won 10 of the 18 games played. If the Cardinals put up a strong game at the Polo Grounds as they did at Fenway Park, there may be a lot of trouble for the New Yorkers. The Pirates should when two out of the five games they have left to play in New York.

If the Braves hold their present lead or go to New York with a greater lead and they have, they should be in fine shape when they go after the Giants in a five-game series to be played at the Polo Grounds starting a week from next Wednesday. The Boston Royal Rooters have already begun to talk about the trip to New York and Johnny Koenan as been urged to organize the expedition and make arrangements for transportation. It has been suggested that if the championship is still undecided at the end of the New York series, then the four-game series with Brooklyn that follows, will have the Rooters remain in the city.

It would surprise no one if the five games New York should be an important factor in determining the championship of the National League. Should this be the case chances are that it will attract larger crowds than have ever attended games there. Whatever transpires over the next four or five days will determine the plans made by the Royal Rooters.







78 55 -



New York Giants 76 59 3



Chicago Cubs 72 66 8 1/2



St. Louis Cardinals 71 66 9



Philadelphia Phillies 67 71 13 1/2



Pittsburgh Pirates 62 73 17



Brooklyn Robins 62 74 17 1/2



Cincinnati Reds 56 80 23 1/2