The Braves subs let one get away

October 2, 1914 ... The Braves were beaten by the Giants today in a one-sided contest. The Braves regulars were given the day off and so it was the second stringers who had to take up a load. Lefty Tyler started the game and after he pitched three innings, he and Butch Schmidt were taken out and substituted for. Johnny Evers was given the day off and Oscar Dugey took his place at second base. The substitutes had chances to make errors and every one of them did so. Gene Cocreham had poor control and Dugey made an error that was responsible for a run in the second inning. Possum Whitted, who was playing first base, bobbled a grounder that cost a couple of runs in the seventh inning.

With these lapses and some poor throwing to the bases by Hank Gowdy, after he relieved Bert Whaling, together with some pretty stiff hitting by the Giants, the New Yorkers were able to pile up eleven runs, while the Braves could only make five against Jeff Tesreau, who barring his wildness, pitched a good ballgame. Four of the eight hits made by the Braves were negotiated by Herbie Moran and Red Smith. Some of these hits, as well as some made by the Giants, were on ground balls that were either too fast or too slow for the infielders to handle cleanly. On the other hand, some great fielding by Art Fletcher and Fred Merkle, spoiled some of what looked to be sure hits for the Braves. On the last play the game, Merkle made a one-handed stop of a hot grounder over near the foul line, which would've been good for extra bases had it got by him.

No one is worried over the loss of the game, although it was noticeable that the men would not take chances on handling badly throw balls and those that came too hot off the bat and would be considered difficult or dangerous to get in front of.

Lefty Tyler did not exert himself for the short time he was in today, and he retired with the score tied up. Gene Cocreham was overanxious and started off very wild. He had nothing on Tesreau however, for Jeff passed three men in the first inning. Bert Whaling caught the first two innings, but came up with a sore shoulder and so Hank Gowdy came in to relieve him, although he is not too good shape himself.

The Braves scored two runs in the opening inning. Herbie Moran and Oscar Dugey, the first two men up, were passed. Joe Connolly moved them along with a sacrifice and Possum Whitted was also handed first base to fill the bases. Butch Schmidt then singled to center to score Moran and Dugey and put Whitted on third. Red Smith hit a ball sharply over third but Milt Stock beat the ball down and got it in time to trap Whitted between third and home, where he was run down after Smith had reached second. That gave the Braves a 2 to 0 lead.

In the bottom of the first, Bob Bescher hit the first ball pitched to right-center for a home run. Then in the Giants second inning after Snodgrass it been thrown out by Tyler, Dugey fumbled Milt Stock's grounder. Stock went to second on a passed ball, where he scored on Merkle's single to center. He then went to second on a wild pitch, and after Chief Meyers had been thrown out by Smith, he scored on Tesreau's double which came close to clearing the left-field fence. That made the score 3 to 2 in favor of the Giants.

In the fourth the Braves tied up the game as Oscar Dugey led off with an infield hit and went to third on Whitted's short pop to right-field. The two then pulled a double steal successfully with Dugey scoring to tie up the game at 3 to 3.

Cocreham came into pitch the fourth and passed Meyers and Tesreau on eight pitches balls. Bescher in attempting to sacrifice, laid down a bunt in front of the plate that came up on a perfect bounce for Gowdy for a doubleplay. But Hank through wide of third base and Meyers and Tesreau both scored. Bescher made it all the way around to third, because Connolly never saw the ball until it bounced off the left-field fence. After Doyle popped out, George Burns hit a deep fly to centerfield to score Bescher and give the Giants a three run lead.

The Braves got one of those runs back in the fifth, but the Giants piled on four more runs in the seventh. Whitted was taken out of left field, put at first base, and Josh Devore was sent in to replace him. The first man up, George Burns, knocked out a single and Fletcher doubled. Snodgrass poked a slow roller that Whitted let get away from him and the ball also passed by Dugey, who was backing him up. That allowed both Burns and Fletcher the score. Stock singled and Meyers brought both Snodgrass and him home on a line drive single to right, making it 10 to 4.

Both sides scored in the eighth as the Braves got their run on a double by Smith, an out at first, and a sacrifice fly. The Giants got their run on a double by Burns, a base on balls, a double steal, and a wild throw by Gowdy.

President Gaffney left here this afternoon for Boston where he will remain until it is time start to Philadelphia to open the World Series. There is not much money being wagered here on the outcome of the series. The Athletics are naturally the favorites, but no one seems to know just what the prevailing odds are.

Butch Schmidt left town after the game to visit his family in Baltimore. He will not return until Monday, and Otto Hess made play first in tomorrow's game. Chances are that the Rabbit will not play in both games of the doubleheader also.


at The Polo Grounds (New York) ...
































W-Jeff Tesreau (26-10)
L-Gene Coc
reham (3-4)
Attendance –

2B-Smith (Bost), Burns (NY), Fletcher (NY), Tesreau (NY)
HR-Bescher (NY)


















Herbie Moran rf 4 1 2 .246  


Oscar Dugey 2b 3 2 1 .198  


Joe Connolly lf 4 0 0 .306  


Possum Whitted cf/1b 3 0 1 .239  


Butch Schmidt 1b 4 0 0 .281  


Josh Devore cf 0 0 0 .237  


Red Smith 3b 3 2 1 .266  


Rabbit Maranville ss 4 0 0 .248  


Bert Whaling c 1 0 0 .209  


Hank Gowdy c 1 0 0 .243  


Lefty Tyler p 2 0 0 .202  


Gene Cocreham p 2 0 0 .100  
    IP H ER BB SO  
  Lefty Tyler 3 3 1 2 3  
  Gene Cocreham 5 6 4 4 0  











90 57 -



New York Giants 81 68 10



St. Louis Cardinals 79 69 11 1/2



Chicago Cubs 75 74 16



Philadelphia Phillies 73 76 18



Brooklyn Robins 72 76 18 1/2



Pittsburgh Pirates 66 83 25



Cincinnati Reds 58 91 33



(*) Clinched National League Pennant