August 24, 1936 ... The Boston Redskins under new head coach Red Flaherty and assistant coach and trainer, Roy Barker, held their first practice at Framingham’s Municipal Stadium. 
Twenty five players, eighteen from last year, were put thru an intense workout right away and when it was over at 4:30, many were ready to call it quits.

Coach Flaherty trotted out three plays for the players to learn after tough limbering-up drills at 9:30. Then it was signal drills followed by a dummy scrimmage, with a minimum of contact work.

The program was much the same in the afternoon, although it grew hotter and hotter.  Coach Flaherty plans two, two hour sessions each day for the first week, and will add three new plays each day, until a complete playbook of 40 plays is learned.

Veterans who reported were Ernie Pinckert, Jim Barber, Henry Wiesenbaugh, Turk Edwards, Charley Malone, Eddie Kahn, Cliff Battles, Swede Olsson, Gail O'Brien. Jim Moran, Frank Bausch, Jim Musick, Larry Siemering, Ernie Concannon, Flavo Tosi, Pug Renner, Doug Nott and Steve Sinko. The team is greatly strengthened by the addition of Riley Smith and Ed Smith, two 1935 college all stars rated as outstanding forwards passers, will have two full weeks of preparation before engaging in an exhibition game on September 6th.

August 28, 1936 ... The first casualty of the season occurred when Flavio Tosi dislocated his shoulder.  He is expected to be out for two weeks.  The Redskins held their first real scrimmage, with Coach Flaherty keeping the boys hitting for over an hour.  Much time was spent kicking and passing with Cliff Battles, Pug Rentner, Doug Nott and Ed Smith getting off some long boots.  The squad now numbers 30 and five more are expected to go after the All Star game in Chicago.

August 30, 1936 ... The Boston Redskins went on display at Chelsea High School Stadium before 4500 fans.  The squad split into two teams, The Baker’s Dozen and Musick’s Mustangs, and staged a fine pre-season game. Although the score was 7-7, everyone was quite satisfied.  After being out played in the first half and being too conservative, The Baker’s Dozen was given a pep talk by Coach Flaherty between halves, and as a resulted scored their touchdown.  Cliff Battles took the opening kickoff for “The Dozen” and ploughed behind his wedge to the 45. They then pounded out a touchdown, with former Holy Cross ace, Eddie Britt taking two passes from Battles for the touchdown.  “The Mustangs” then scored in the second half, with Rentner taking a punt out to his 25.  Rentner completed a great pass to Ed Justice who ran it down to the Baker’s 12 yard line.  Rentner then took it in for the score.  New player Vic Carroll from Nevada was impressive at guard.  Ed Justice, from Gonzaga caught some great passes.  Ed Smith, Henry Wiesenbaugh, Ed Britt and Bob McChesney also were worth mentioning.  The three new young all stars, Riley Smith, Ray Karcher and Wayne Milner were absent, because they were in Chicago for the upcoming all star game.