Bill Chipley was born on July 2, 1920 in Lynchburg, VA and attended E.C. Glass High School, where he played football. After graduation he played for Clemson before transferring to Washington & Lee University.

He was drafted by the Boston Yanks in the 8th round of the 1947 NFL Draft. In 1947 he caught five passes for 105 yards and scored one touchdown. In 1948 he caught 13 passes for 131 yards and scored one touchdown and as a defensive back, had three interceptions. In his final year, 1949, he caught 57 passes for 631 yards and scored two touchdowns.

He finally played with the New York Bulldogs in 1949 after the Yanks folded.

After his pro career he served as head football coach at Washington & Lee in 1955 and 1956, with only a 1-14 record.

Bill Chipley died, on December 27, 2002, at age 87, in Lookout Mountain, Tennessee.