Orien Crow was member of the Cherokee Nation, born in Salem, Missouri on September 7, 1912. He went to high school in Commerce, Oklahoma, and played as a lineman and graduated from the Haskell Indian Nations School.

After college he was the center for the Boston Redskins for two seasons.

While with the Redskins, he worked for the  Bureau of Indian Affairs for many years, starting in 1933 as a clerical worker at the Fort Totten Agency in North Dakota. In 1935 he moved to the Truxton Canyon Agency in Valentine, Arizona becoming the supervisor in 1942.

Four years later Orien also became the superintendent of three other Indian agencies for 11 years. In June, 1957 he was named assistant to the bureau's commissioner for resources, rising to become head commissioner of the realty branch in 1961, the first Native American to serve in that post since 1871.

Orien Crow passed away on June 21, 1994, at age 81.