Saul Nachtem came out of Chelsea High School, where he was a four sports star competing in football, baseball, basketball and track. Saul and Mickey Cochrane are the only athletes in B.U. history to win 12 Varsity letters. 

He was quarterback on the football team, made all New England three years in a row, All-Eastern once, was given honorable mention for All-America, and was selected as the quarterback of the Jewish All-American Football team in 1938.

He made second team All-America in basketball as a forward and was considering a career as a professional, but World War II intervened and Saul became a Lieutenant (Sr. grade) in the Navy, seeing plenty of action as an air combat intelligence officer.

He played shortstop and was one of the pitchers on the baseball team. Last but not least he competed in four events on the track team, winning the 100 and the 220 plus the high jump and broad jump. He held the B.U. high jump mark until John Thomas shattered it by going over the bar almost a foot higher than Saul's record.