The Redskins transfer the
NFL Championship Game to New York

December 8, 1936 ... After obtaining permission to move the 1936 NFL Championship Game from Fenway Park to the Polo Grounds, Redskins owner, George Preston Marshall wasn’t quite sure there is a better spot than Boston available, nor that he would get league approval to move.  The question would be answered when league president, Joseph F. Carr met with all the club officials when they arrived for the Redskins-Packers title game.  Marshall defended moving the game, by saying that he did it for the players.  The players get 60 percent of the playoff gate, with 20% going to the league, and 10% to each club.  He also commented how he received shabby treatment in Boston and lost $20,000 in spite of fielding a championship team.  However, the Redskins weren’t a champion, much less a contender until mid-season.  They gave their worst performance of the season before their largest crowd and lost three out of five home games, before starting their championship run against the lowly Brooklyn Dodgers.  Fans felt moving the game to the Polo Grounds would be analogous to the Red Sox playing their World Series home games at Yankee Stadium.