01/01/2010 Philadelphia Flyers 2-1 The Boston Bruins defeat the Philadelphia Flyers
in the first NHL 2010 Winter Classic
02/11/2016 Snowboarding's "Big Air" competition comes to Fenway Park
02/25/1933 Tom Yawkey buys the Red Sox
04/05/2018 Tampa Bay Rays 3-2 Hanley Ramirez leads the Sox to a come-from-behind victory, in extra innings, on Opening Day
04/08/2018 Tampa Bay Rays 8-7 The Sox go 8-1 on a terrific come-from-behind effort, 8 to 7
04/10/1998 Seattle Mariners 9-7 Mo Vaughn's grand slam homer caps a seven run 9th inning rally for
the first of six come-from-behind Sox victories in the Sox
first ten home games.
04/11/2005 The 2004 pennant raising ceremony and Mariano Rivera gets cheered by the fans
04/11/2019 Toronto Blue Jays 7-6 Mitch Moreland's two homers help the Sox
come-from-behind to walk-off with a great win
04/12/1998 Seattle Mariners 8-7 Jim Leyritz and Reggie Jefferson combine for the second of six come-from-behind Sox victories in the Sox first ten home games
04/14/1998 Oakland Athletics 8-6 Nomar Garciaparra's homer brings home the 8th inning game winning
runs, for the third of six come-from-behind Sox victories in the Sox
first ten home games
04/15/1998 Oakland Athletics 4-3 Troy O'Leary brings home a 9th inning walk-off game winning run,
for the fourth of six come-from-behind Sox victories in the Sox
first ten home games
04/17/1964 Chicago White Sox 4-1 Tony Conigliaro hits his first home run on his first pitch at Fenway
04/17/1979 Milwaukee Brewers 6-5 Fred Lynn's ninth inning homer is a walk-off game winner
04/17/1986 Kansas City Royals 6-2 Don Baylor's grandslam give the Sox a walk-off victory
04/17/1998 Cleveland Indians 3-2 Darren Bragg brings home a 10th inning walk-off game winning run,
for the fifth of six come-from-behind Sox victories in the Sox
first ten home games
04/17/2006 Seattle Mariners 7-6

Mark Loretta's first career HR is a two run walk-off

04/19/1920 New York Yankees 6-0 Babe Ruth's first game at Fenway Park as a New York Yankee
04/19/1934 Washington Nationals 5-4 Moose Solter's walk-off homer starts the Sox on a sweep
of Washington in the Patriot's Day Doubleheader
04/19/1959 New York Yankees 5-4 Frank Malzone's 12th inning homer gives
the Sox a 5-4 walk-off win against the Yankees
04/20/1912 New York Highlanders 7-6 Fenway Park's grand opening highlighted with
Tris Speaker's walk-off in the 11th inning
04/20/1998 Cleveland Indians 6-5 Mo Vaughn brings home an 11th inning walk-off game winning run,
for the sixth of six come-from-behind Sox victories in the Sox
first ten home games
04/20/2003 Toronto Blue Jays 6-5 Nomar Garciaparra's 9th inning home run caps a five run comeback
04/20/2007 New York Yankees 7-6 The Red Sox come back with five runs in the eighth inning
off Mariano Rivera in a 7-6 come from behind win
04/20/2010 Texas Rangers 7-6

Darnell McDonald brings the Sox back in his first two major league at bats

04/20/2012 212 former Red Sox players return to Fenway Park to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the ballpark
04/20/2013 Kansas City Royals 4-3 David Ortiz's "This is our f--king city" speech before Daniel Nava
gives the Red Sox a come-from-behind win
04/21/1939 Philadelphia Athletics 9-2 Ted Williams' first game at Fenway Park
04/21/1962 The 1912 Red Sox return to celebrate Fenway Park's 50th anniversary
04/21/1994 Oakland Athletics 6-5 Clutch hits highlight a dramatic Sox comeback
04/22/1994 California Angels 6-5 Billy Hatcher steals home & Mo Vaughn wins the game
04/22/2007 New York Yankees 7-6 The Red Sox hit four consecutive home runs
04/24/2009 New York Yankees 5-4 With two outs in the bottom of the 9th, Jason Bay homers off
Mariano Rivera to tie it up and Kevin Youkilis ends the game,
with a walk-off home run in the 11th inning
04/27/2002 Tampa Bay Devil Rays 10-0 Derek Lowe pitches a no-hitter
04/28/1963 Chicago White Sox 4-3 The Sox sweep a doubleheader on six hits from Yaz
04/28/1964 Baltimore Orioles 6-4 Dick Stuart's two home runs win for the Sox
04/29/1986 Seattle Mariners 3-1 Roger Clemens strikes out a record 20 batters
04/30/1952 Detroit Tigers 5-3

Ted Williams says goodbye with a game winning homer, before he again
goes off to serve with the Marines

04/30/2018 Kansas City Royals 10-6

The Sox a tie for a major league record with 6 grand slams in the month

05/01/1992 Kansas City Royals 6-5

Mo Vaughn brings the Sox from behind

05/01/2006 New York Yankees 7-3 David Ortiz steals the show on Doug Mirabelli's homecoming
05/02/1921 New York Yankees 2-1

The Red Sox score two runs with two outs in the 9th inning
to tie it up and win it in the 13th inning with a walk-off

05/02/1942 St. Louis Browns 11-10

Ted Williams' ninth inning homer and
Bobby Doerr's walk-off hit bring the Sox a dramatic win

05/02/2018 Kansas City Royals 5-4

Mookie Betts become the first Red Sox player to have four ... 3-HR games

05/03/1938 Detroit Tigers 4-3 Lefty Grove pitches valiantly and strikes out his 2000th batter
05/03/1940 St. Louis Browns 9-8 Jim Tabor hits two homers ... one ties the game in the 9th inning
and then he singles to wins it in the 10th inning
05/05/1920 Philadelphia Athletics 4-3 The Red Sox score two runs with two outs in the 9th to tie it up
and win it in the 13th inning with a walk-off
05/05/1989 Texas Rangers 7-6

Ellis Burks KOs Nolan Ryan in a Fenway Classic

05/06/1934 Detroit Tigers 14-4 The Red Sox are the first team to ever hit four consecutive triples
05/06/1942 Chicago White Sox 3-1 Bobby Doerr's two home runs first tie the game
and then win it in the overtime
05/06/1946 St. Louis Browns 7-5 The Sox sweep St. Louis behind Johnny Pesky's near record and
Dom DiMaggio's second game walk-off
05/06/2013 Minnesota Twins 6-5

Stephen Drew caps a great game with an 11th inning walk-off

05/07/1946 St. Louis Browns 8-4 Leon Culberson's 14th inning walk-off grand slam makes
12 wins in a row for the Red Sox
05/07/2004 Kansas City Royals 7-6

Jason Varitek's walk-off caps a five run comeback

05/07/2009 Cleveland Indians 13-3 The Red Sox score 12 runs before recording an out
05/08/1946 Chicago White Sox 14-10 Johnny Pesky becomes first AL player to score six runs
05/08/1953 New York Yankees 2-1 Billy Goodman's walk-off homer beats the Yankees
05/09/2016 Oakland Athletics 14-7 The Red Sox score 13 or more runs in three consecutive games
for the first time in franchise history
05/10/2016 Oakland Athletics 13-5
05/11/2016 Oakland Athletics 13-3
05/10/1960 Chicago White Sox 9-7

Rip Repulski's first Red Sox homer is a game winner

05/10/1999 Seattle Mariners 12-4 Nomar Garciaparra hits 3 HRs (2 grandslam HRs) and 10 RBIs
05/11/2005 Oakland Athletics 6-5 The Red Sox set a record by hitting their second consecutive
walk-off against the same pitcher
05/12/1948 Chicago White Sox 6-5 Bobby Doerr's 10th inning walk-off brings the Sox from behind
05/12/1999 Seattle Mariners 9-2 Vintage Pedro Martinez (15Ks) & Nomar Garciaparra (4-for-4)
05/13/2007 Baltimore Orioles 6-5 The Mother's Day Miracle - The Red Sox come back and score 
six runs in the bottom of the 9th inning
05/14/1965 Detroit Tigers 12-8

Carl Yastrzemski hits for the cycle with 2 HRs,
but the Sox lose it in extra innings

05/14/2016 Houston Astros 6-5 David Ortiz homers ... next, he ties up the game with a triple in the 9th ...
then, he wins it with a walk-off double in the 11th inning
05/14/2019 Colorado Rockies 5-4

Chris Sale sets a Sox record by striking out 17 batters in seven innings

05/16/1964 Minnesota Twins 6-5

Dick Radatz's walk-off base hit gives him a win

05/16/1970 Cleveland Indians 6-2

Yaz hits one of the longest homers ever hit at Fenway Park

05/16/2011 Baltimore Orioles 8-7 Adrian Gonzalez's walk-off ends a six run comeback
05/17/1957 Kansas City Athletics 4-3 Jimmy Piersall doubles in the ninth inning
to give the Sox a come-from-behind win
05/18/2002 Seattle Mariners 4-1 Pedro Martinez strikes out the first three batters on nine pitches
05/19/2022 Seattle Mariners 12-6

Trevor Story slugs three homers in a Sox comeback win

05/19/2008 Kansas City Royals 7-0 Jon Lester's no hitter ... Jason Varitek catches record fourth no-hitter
05/19/1967 Cleveland Indians 3-2

Tony Horton scores Reggie Smith for a walk-off in the 9th

05/21/1926 Chicago White Sox 10-8

The Red Sox score three in the ninth and walk-off with an 8 to 7 victory

05/21/1988 Bobby Doerr has his number (1) retired
05/21/1967 Cleveland Indians 4-3

Yaz's triple and George Scott's HR beat the Indians

05/22/2022 Seattle Mariners 8-4 The Sox win with a walk-off grandslam homer
from Franchy Cordero in the 10th inning
05/22/1957 Cleveland Indians 11-0 The Red Sox hit four home runs in an inning
05/22/2008 Kansas City Royals 11-8 Mike Lowell and J.D. Drew each hit a grandslam home run
05/24/1949 Detroit Tigers 8-7

Bobby Doerr's walk-off in the 10th ends a back and forth battle

05/26/1924 Cleveland Indians 10-9

The Red Sox come from behind and battle the Indians for a thrilling win

05/26/2016 Wade Boggs has his number (26) retired
05/26/2013 Cleveland Indians 6-5 Jacoby Ellsbury's walk-off highlights a four run ninth inning comeback
05/27/1955 Washington Nationals 16-0 Norm Zauchin's 3 HRs and 10 RBIs lead Red Sox in rout
05/27/2001 The Red Sox celebrate their 100th anniversary
05/28/1984 Ted Williams (9) and Joe Cronin (4) have their numbers retired
05/29/1922 Washington Nationals 2-0 John "Shano" Collins drives in the winning run in the 11th inning
05/30/1957 Baltimore Orioles 7-6 Jackie Jensen provides a walk-off 10th inning homer
in the first game and slugs another in the afternoon
05/30/1931 Philadelphia Athletics 5-0 Down five runs, the Sox rally for six runs in the ninth inning,
to split a doubleheader with the A's
05/30/1997 New York Yankees 10-4 Mo Vaughn's three home runs bury the Yankees
05/31/1926 Philadelphia Athletics 2-0 Howard Ehmke outduels Lefty Grove on the mound and at the plate
06/02/1961 Detroit Tigers 4-2

Vic Wertz's walk-off homer gives Don Schwall
his third straight win in the majors

06/02/1940 Chicago White Sox 6-0 Jimmie Foxx's ninth inning walk-off homer finishes a wild ride at Fenway
06/02/1995 Seattle Mariners 6-5 John Valentin becomes the first shortstop in MLB history,
to ever have 15 total bases in one game with 3 HRs a double and a single
06/03/1963 Milwaukee Braves 5-2 The Sox beat the Braves in the "Jimmy Fund" Game
06/04/1966 New York Yankees 6-3 Jim Gosger's 16th inning homer beats the Yankees
06/04/1975 Chicago White Sox 7-6 The Sox come back to win with a four run ninth inning
06/04/1995 Seattle Mariners 2-1 Troy O'Leary's 2-run HR in the 10th walks it off
after Tim Wakefield pitches 9 scoreless innings
06/04/1999 Atlanta Braves 5-1 Pedro Martinez strikes out 16 Braves with a 3-hitter
06/05/2001 Cleveland Indians 8-4 Shea Hillenbrand's 18th inning walk-off
06/06/1948 Detroit Tigers 5-4 The Red Sox come from behind twice to sweep a doubleheader
06/06/1966 Atlanta Braves 5-3 The Sox beat the Atlanta Braves in the "Jimmy Fund" Game
06/06/1969 Kansas City Royals 4-2 George Scott ties the game in the 10th and
Dalton Jones slams a walk-off homer in the 11th
06/06/1973 Kansas City Royals 5-4 Bob Montgomery's 2nd homer, in the 10th, wins for the Sox
06/08/1950 St. Louis Browns 29-4 The Red Sox break 5 major league records in a 29 run win
06/09/1946 Detroit Tigers 7-1 Ted Williams hits the longest recorded home run ever hit in Fenway Park
06/09/1954 Baltimore Orioles 7-6

Sammy White's 9th inning triple drives home the walk-off winning run

06/09/1967 Washington Senators 8-7

Carl Yastrzemski stays hot and slugs two homers

06/10/1964 New York Yankees 7-6 The Sox come-from-behind and win on homers by Tony Conigliaro and
Dick Williams in the 10th inning
06/10/1985 Milwaukee Brewers 4-2 Jim Rice's walk-off homer extends the Sox winning streak
06/10/2021 Houston Astros 12-8 The Red Sox win over the Astros in a wild one
06/11/1952 St. Louis Browns 11-9 Sammy White hits a walk-off grand slam homer off Satchel Paige to cap a six run come from behind ninth inning
06/11/2021 Toronto Blue Jays 6-5 Alex Verdugo's wall ball supplies a walk-off win vs the Jays
06/12/1984 New York Yankees 9-8

Dwight Evans' home run gives the Sox another win

06/12/2010 Philadelphia Phillies 10-2

Daniel Nava hits a grandslam in his first major league at bat

06/13/1913 St. Louis Browns 7-6

The Red Sox blow the lead, but comeback in the bottom of the 9th to tie the game, and win it in the 13th with a Duffy Lewis walk-off

06/13/1947 Chicago White Sox 5-3 The Red Sox win the first night game at Fenway Park
06/14/1942 Detroit Tigers 3-2 Tony Lupien drives home the winning runs
in both games of a doubleheader
06/14/1999 Minnesota Twins 4-3 Consecutive HRs by Darren Lewis and Jeff Frye give the Sox a walk-off
06/15/1947 Chicago White Sox 7-3 Jake Jones homers and scores the winning run in his first Red Sox game, and then hits a grandslam walk-off in the second game
06/15/1967 Chicago White Soc 2-1 Tony Conigliaro's walk-off HR gives the Sox
a come-from-behind win in the 11th inning
06/16/1996 Texas Rangers 10-9 The Sox stage a huge late inning comeback
06/16/2015 Atlanta Braves 9-4 Brock Holt hits for the cycle and Mookie Betts comes close
06/17/1977 New York Yankees 9-4 The Red Sox slug four home runs in one inning
06/18/1947 St. Louis Browns 6-5 Johnny Pesky's 5th hit of the game is a walk-off in the 15th inning
06/18/1953 Detroit Tigers 23-3 The Red Sox break 16 records in a 17-run inning
06/18/1961 Washington Senators 13-12

Down 12-5, the Sox score 8 runs in the bottom of the 9th to win 13-12
in Game #1 ... Jim Pagliaroni hits a walk-off 13th inning HR in Game #2

06/18/1977 Billy Martin and Reggie Jackson almost fight in the Yankee dugout
06/19/1977 New York Yankees 11-1 The Red Sox hit record 16 homers in three games
06/21/1916 New York Yankees 2-0 Rube Foster throws the first no-hitter at Fenway Park
06/22/1982 Detroit Tigers 5-4 Wade Boggs' first major league home run is a walk-off
06/23/1917 Washington Nationals 4-0 Ernie Shore pitches a perfect game after Babe Ruth gets ejected
06/23/2016 Chicago White Sox 8-7 A walk-off hit from Xander Bogaerts wins it for Craig Kimbrel in the 10th
06/23/2017 David Ortiz has his number (34) retired at Fenway
06/24/1949 St. Louis Browns 21-2  The Red Sox create mayhem at Fenway, 21-2
06/24/1963 Cleveland Indians 7-5

Gary Geiger's HR breaks it up in the 9th inning

06/24/1984 Toronto Blue Jays 5-3 Tony Armas battles and finally wins with a walk-off HR in the 10th inning
06/24/2003 Detroit Tigers 10-1 Nomar Garciaparra leads the hit parade by going 5 for 5
(three days after going 6 for 6)
06/24/2006 Philadelphia Phillies 5-3 David Ortiz hits walk-off game winning hits in two consecutive games
06/26/2006 Philadelphia Phillies 8-7
06/25/1915 New York Yankees 9-5 Babe Ruth's first major league home run
06/25/1999 Nomar Garciaparra tapes up Pedro Martinez to shut him up
06/26/1962 Los Angeles Angels 2-0 Earl Wilson homers to win his own no-hitter
06/26/1963 Cleveland Indians 6-5 Eddie Bressoud's second homer of the game gives the Sox a walk-off win
06/27/2003 Florida Marlins 25-8 The Red Sox tie and break AL records for most runs in an inning
06/28/1984 Seattle Mariners 9-6 Dwight Evan's walk-off home run completes his cycle
06/29/1912 New York Highlanders 6-0 Hick Cady gets two hits in one at bat, as Joe Wood tosses a 1 hitter
06/29/1915 New York Yankees 4-3 Tris Speaker wins a dramatic game with a walk-off hit in the 10th inning
06/29/2006 Coco Crisp makes one of the most sensational catches ever seen at Fenway Park
06/30/1992 Detroit Tigers 8-5

Bob Zupcic gives the Sox a slam-bang ending

07/02/1920 Washington Nationals 10-9

The Sox chip away and Harry Hooper ends it with a walk-off

07/02/1944 St. Louis Browns 1-0

Lou Finney comes through two times to tie and win a game

07/03/1940 Philadelphia Athletics 12-11 Foxx and Williams lead the Sox to a 6 run ninth inning walk-off rally
07/04/1948 Philadelphia Athletics 19-5 The Red Sox break or tie four major league records with a 14 run inning
07/04/1977 Toronto Blue Jays 9-6 The Red Sox hit a record eight home runs in one game
07/04/1979 Kansas City Royals 6-4 Dwight Evans 100th career homer gives the Sox a walk-off win
07/04/1984 Oakland Athletics 13-9 Jim Rice (5 for 6) hits a walk-off grand slam in the 10th
07/06/1916 Cleveland Indians 6-5 Jack Barry delivers in the pinch for a walk-off win
07/07/1922 St. Louis Browns 1-0

George Burn's walk-off home run in the 13th inning wins for the Sox

07/07/1934 Philadelphia Athletics 11-10 The Sox rally for four runs in the ninth inning when
Wes Ferrell pinch hits a game winning walk-off double
07/08/1918 Cleveland Indians 1-0 Babe Ruth hits the longest walk-off triple in Fenway Park history
07/09/1946 National League 12-0 Ted Williams (4 for 4) paces the AL All Stars to victory at Fenway
07/09/1975 Minnesota Twins 9-8 Jim Rice, Fred Lynn and Cecil Cooper bring the Sox
all the way back from six runs down, with a walk-off win

Jackie Bradley Jr makes a diving catch of a roped line drive

07/10/1966 Chicago White Sox 8-4

George Smith's walk-off grandslam homer gives the Sox
a five game sweep of Chicago

07/10/1986 California Angels 4-3

The Sox rally back in the 12th on a walk-off balk

07/10/1992 Chicago White Sox 6-5

Billy Hatcher wins one for his new team with a walk-off

07/11/1914 Cleveland Naps 4-3 Babe Ruth's first major league appearance
07/11/1959 New York Yankees 8-4 Don Buddin's 10th inning walk-off grand slam
Armed Service Stars
9-8 Babe Ruth & Ted Williams bring the Armed Service All Stars
to play an exhibition game against the Boston Braves
07/12/1956  Chicago White Sox 3-1 Jimmy Piersall stars and wins the game with a 9th inning walk-off
07/12/1999 Ken Griffey Jr wins the 1999 All Star Game Home Run Derby
07/12/2018 Toronto Blue Jays 6-4 Mookie Betts finishes a 13 pitch at bat with a game winning grand slam
07/13/1999 National League 4-1 Pedro wins for the AL All Stars but Ted Williams steals the show
07/14/1920 Detroit Tigers 6-5 The Red Sox blow the lead in the 9th inning of the first game
and come back to sweep a doubleheader behind Herb Pennock
07/14/1946 Cleveland Indians 11-10 Ted Williams' hits three HRs to highlight a record performance
6-4 Lou Boudreau implements the "Williams Shift"
07/14/1956 Chicago White Sox 4-0 Mel Parnell pitches the first Fenway no-hitter since 1918
07/14/2018 Toronto Blue Jays 6-2 Xander Bogaerts ties up the game in the 9th inning
and then wallops a 10th inning walkoff grandslam
07/15/1988 Kansas City Royals 3-1 The Sox come alive and begin the run called "Morgan's Magic"
07/16/2017 Jackie Bradley Jr makes a game saving catch against the Yankees
07/17/1935 Cleveland Indians 13-5 Bill Werber's four doubles ties a major league record
07/17/1956 Kansas City Athletics 10-0 Ted Williams hits his 400th homer
07/18/1958 Detroit Tigers 11-9 Frank Malzone's grand slam brings the Sox back
in the debut game of Bill Monbouquette
07/18/1987 Oakland Athletics 5-3 Dave Henderson slams a walk-off HR in the 10th
07/19/1954 Baltimore Orioles 9-7 The Sox come from behind in each game and sweep the doubleheader
with a ninth inning walk-off grand slam homer
07/19/1958 Detroit Tigers 7-6 Ted Williams' walk-off homer wins the game in the 12th inning
07/19/1959 Cleveland Indians 6-5 Gary Geiger and Frank Malzone bring the
Sox back for a walk-off in the 9th inning win
07/19/2005 Manny Ramirez disappears into the left field wall between pitches
07/20/1914 Detroit Tigers 3-2 Dutch Leonard pitches eight innings of no-hit ball in relief,
and Tris Speaker wins it with a walk-off in the 16th inning
07/20/1959 Milwaukee Braves 7-3

The Braves beat the Sox in the 2nd Jimmy Fund Game

07/20/1988 Minnesota Twins 9-7 Todd Benzinger's 10th inning walk-off homer brings the Sox back
and gives Joe Morgan his 7th consecutive victory
07/21/1922 Chicago White Sox 8-7 John Collins has a perfect day at the plate (4 for 4, 4 RBIs) and
drives in the walk-off run for the Red Sox
07/21/1935 Detroit Tigers 7-6 Wes Ferrell hits his 2nd consecutive walk-off game winning HR
07/22/1935 St. Louis Browns 2-1
07/21/1946 St. Louis Browns 5-0 Ted Williams collects seven hits in a doubleheader
7-4 Ted Williams hits for the cycle

Manny Ramirez cuts off Johnny Damon's throw to third base

07/21/2013 New York Yankees 8-7 Mike Napoli's second HR is a walk-off in the 11th
07/22/1957  Milwaukee Braves 13-4

 The Braves come home and win the first Jimmy Fund Game

07/22/2021 New York Yankees 5-4  The Yankees give the Sox the game as a gift
07/23/1961 New York Yankees 5-4 The Sox rally in the bottom of the ninth after
falling behind the Yankees in the top of the ninth
07/23/2000 Chicago White Sox 1-0 Pedro Martinez saves his own shutout in the 9th inning,
while striking out 15 batters
07/23/2002 Tampa Bay Devil Rays 22-4 Nomar hits three HRs in the game (five in the last two games)
07/24/2004 New York Yankees 10-4 Bill Meuller's walk-off HR overshadowed by ARod-Varitek brawl
07/25/1941 Cleveland Indians 10-6 Lefty Grove's 300th win
07/25/2021 New York Yankees 5-4 The Sox comeback with a five-run eighth inning,
after being no-hit for seven innings
07/25/1948 Cleveland Indians 3-0 The Red Sox grab first place, as the Braves and the Sox
are both in first place for the first time in 32 years
07/26/1951 Chicago White Sox 13-10

Clyde Vollmer's 3 HRs powers the Sox past Chicago

07/26/1967 California Angels 9-6

The "Cardiac Kids" rally in a come-from-behind win, on a bunt

07/26/1997 Anaheim Angels 7-6

Mo Vaughn hits a walk-off homer for the Sox

07/26/2003 New York Yankees 7-6

David Ortiz's first walk-off game winner as a member of the Red Sox

07/26/2009 New York Yankees 9-5

Mookie Betts clubs 3 HRs in a game for the fourth time

07/27/1967 California Angels 6-5

Two Sox HRs tie it, Yaz's defense holds it and the Sox win it in the 10th

07/28/1951 Cleveland Indians 8-4 Clyde Vollmer belts his 12th game winning homer in a month
07/28/1975 Milwaukee Brewers 7-6

Carlton Fisk's 4-for-4 and drives home a walk-off winning run

07/28/2009 Jim Rice has his number (14) retired at Fenway
07/28/2015 Pedro Martinez has his number (45) retired at Fenway
07/29/1967 Minnesota Twins 6-3

The Sox bench brings them from behind to win another

07/30/1927 St. Louis Browns 5-4 The Red Sox rally back from four runs down and
then beat the Browns in the 10th inning
07/30/1988 Milwaukee Brewers 3-2 Marty Barrett comes back and then wins it for the Sox,
giving Joe Morgan his 19th consecutive Fenway victory
07/30/1991 Texas Rangers 11-6

Carlos Quintana's 6 RBIs highlight 10 run inning

07/30/1997 Seattle Mariners 8-7 The Sox come back to tie it in the 9th, and Nomar Garciaparra
lines one off the wall in the 10th to win it all
07/31/1961 National League 1-1 The All Star Game at Fenway Park ends in a tie
07/31/1991 Oakland Athletics 11-10 Wade Boggs gets 5 hits and Jack Clark wins it with a
14th inning walk-off homer, his 3rd HR of the game
07/31/2006 Cleveland Indians 9-8 David Ortiz hits his second HR of the night, a walk-off to win the game ... his fifth walk-off hit in 51 days
08/01/1973 Carlton Fisk's brawl with Thurman Munson
08/01/2013 Seattle Mariners 8-7 The Red Sox rally and come back and score 
six runs in the bottom of the 9th inning
08/02/1961 Los Angeles Angels 7-2

Chuck Schilling carries the Sox to two victories

08/04/1959 Pumpsie Green becomes first black player to play for the Red Sox
08/06/1989 Carl Yastrzemski has his number (8) retired
08/07/1935 New York Yankees 6-5

Joe Cronin hits a walk-off homer in the first game
but misses his opportunity in the second game

08/07/1956 New York Yankees 1-0

Ted Williams spits and gets fined ... Sox win with a walk-off in the 11th

08/07/1982 Jim Rice's quick reaction saves a boy hit by a foul ball
08/08/1914 Cincinnati Reds 4-3 The Miracle Boston Braves tie it up in the bottom of the 9th
and Rabbit Maranville wins it with  a walk-off in the 10th
08/08/1959 Detroit Tigers 4-3 The Sox win in the 10th on Gary Geiger's homer
08/10/1977 California Angels 11-10 The Sox come from behind and nip the Angels for their 11th straight
08/10/1978 Cleveland Indians 6-5

The Sox come back and win in the 13th inning on Rick Burleson's base hit

08/11/1923 St. Louis Browns 4-3 John Collins and Joe Harris bring back
the Sox with a ninth inning walk-off rally
08/11/1949 New York Yankees 7-6 Bobby Doerr's single wins a "must win" game against the Yankees
08/11/1998 Kansas City Royals 7-4 Nomar's 2nd HR of the game is a 10th inning walk-off
08/12/1937 New York Yankees 16-10 Jimmie Foxx hits mammoth home run over the CF wall
08/12/2008 Texas Rangers 19-17 The Red Sox and Rangers set a record for total runs in a game
08/13/1949 Washington Senators 7-6

Vern Stephen's wins the game with a 12th inning walk-off grand slam

08/13/1944 St. Louis Browns 7-6

Leon Culberson homers to take the game
into extra innings and Bobby Doerr homers to win it

08/14/2007 Tampa Bay Devil Rays 2-1 The Red Sox rally to tie it, then win it on Jon Lester's
first game back from his cancer treatments.
08/14/2016 Arizona Diamondbacks 16-2 Mookie Betts' three homers lead the Sox on a record night
08/15/1916 Washington Nationals 1-0 Larry Gardner's 11th inning walk-off gives Babe Ruth
a 1-0 win in a classic vs Walter Johnson
08/15/1942 Washington Senators 2-1 Tex Hughson, Ted Williams and Lou Finney
lead the Sox in a sweep of the Nationals
08/15/1949 Washington Nationals 3-2

Ted Williams gets a walk-off hit in a nail biter

08/16/1940 Washington Nationals 7-6 Jimmie Foxx reaches multiple milestones with a 10th inning walk-off homer
08/16/1999 Oakland Athletics 6-5 Brian Daubach caps off being named A.L. Player of the Week,
by knocking out a 9th inning game winner
08/18/1932 St. Louis Browns 7-6 George Stumpf slides home with the winning run
08/19/1938 Washington Nationals 4-3 Bobby Doerr's bangs one off the wall for a walk-off Red Sox win
08/20/1967 Washington Senators 12-2 The "Cardiac Kids" erase an 8-0 deficit and
sweep behind Reggie Smith's 3 HRs
08/20/1948 California Angels 5-4 Vern Stephens' HR ties it and Stan Spence's HR
wins it, as the Sox sweep Washington in a doubleheader
08/21/1954 New York Yankees 10-9 The Red Sox win a see-saw battle against the Yankees in 12 innings
08/21/1961 Milwaukee Braves 4-1 The Braves return to Boston to play the first Jimmy Fund Game
08/22/1932 Detroit Tigers 6-5 Tom Oliver thrills the fans with a walk-off hit
08/22/1934 Chicago White Sox 3-2 Wes Ferrell homers to tie the game and
then homers in the 10th inning to win it
08/23/1938 Cleveland Indians 13-3 Jimmie Foxx leads a comeback win
and a doubleheader sweep from the Indians
08/24/1940 Detroit Tigers 12-1 Ted Williams pitches two innings in relief
08/24/1948 Cleveland Indians 9-8 Vern Stephen's walk-off HR propels the Sox into first place
08/24/1950 St. Louis Browns 6-2 Vern Stephen's walk-off grandslam beats St. Louis
08/26/1945 Philadelphia Athletics 4-3 Boo Ferriss' walk-off double gives him his 20th win
08/26/1948 Cleveland Indians 8-4

Bobby Doerr's 3-run homer puts the Sox back on top in the A.L.

08/26/1972 Texas Rangers 7-6 The Sox rally and win the game with five runs in the ninth inning
08/27/1978 California Angels 4-3 The Sox come back to win the game in the 12th on Hobson's single
08/28/1932 Cleveland Indians 10-1 The Sox tie the second game in the 10th and win with
a walk-off homer in the 11th, by Bennie Tate
08/28/1950 Cleveland Indians 15-14 Red Sox overcome an 11 run deficit to win 15-14
08/28/1959 Baltimore Orioles 6-4 Dick Gernert's 10th inning walk-off homer
wins a thriller against the Orioles
08/28/1978 Seattle Mariners 10-8 Butch Hobson's two-run double wins the game in the bottom of the ninth
08/28/1982 California Angels 7-6 Gary Allenson's surprise bunt wins a come-from-behind 10th inning game
08/30/1980 Oakland Athletics 7-6 Jim Rice's two homers help the Sox win the game in the 10th inning
08/30/1986 Cleveland Indians 7-3 Roger Clemens wins his 20th game and gets his 200th K of the season
08/30/1960 Detroit Tigers 5-4 Pete Runnels goes 6 for7 with a 15th inning walk-off hit
3-2 Pete Runnels goes 9 for 11 in the doubleheader tying a record
08/30/1916 St. Louis Browns 4-0 Dutch Leonard pitches a no-hitter
08/31/1959 Washington Senators 6-4 Pete Runnels' 10th inning walk-off homer beats Washington
09/01/1941 Washington Senators 13-9 Ted Williams leads the Sox with a hitting rampage at Fenway
09/01/1990 New York Yankees 15-1 Mike Greenwell's inside the park grand slam highlights a Yankee thrashing
09/01/2007 Baltimore Orioles 10-0 Clay Buccholz becomes the first rookie to ever throw a no-hitter
09/01/2022 Texas Rangers 9-8 Rafael Devers leads the Sox to a 6-run come-from-behind walk-off win
09/02/1957 Washington Senators 7-1 Sammy White and Jimmy Piersall thrill the crowd
in an afternoon comeback win
09/02/1998 Seattle Mariners 7-3 Nomar Garciaparra's walk-off grand slam home run
09/03/1923 Washington Nationals 5-4 The Sox rally for four runs in the ninth inning
and walk-off with a 5 to 4 victory
09/03/1986 Texas Rangers 4-3 Wade Boggs' 9th inning double gives the Sox
their fourth straight walk-off win
09/03/1981 Seattle Mariners 8-7 The longest game ever played at Fenway Park (20 innings)
09/03/1973 Baltimore Orioles 9-8

Seven Runs in the 8th lifts the Sox to a comeback win

09/04/1920 New York Yankees 5-3 On "Babe Ruth Day", the Babe hits his record 45th and
46th home runs, but the Red Sox gain a doubleheader
split with a walk-off victory in the bottom of the ninth
09/04/2000 Carlton Fisk has his number (27) retired at Fenway
09/05/1927 New York Yankees 12-11 The Red Sox win a see-saw battle with the Yankees in 18 innings
09/05/1982 Seattle Mariners 6-5 With their backs to the wall, the Sox rally to tie it
with two outs in the 9th and then win it in the 10th
09/06/1912 Washington Nationals 1-0

Joe Wood beats Walter Johnson to win
his 14th consecutive game and win his 30th game

09/06/1957 Baltimore Orioles 4-3

Pete Daley thrills the crowd with a ninth inning walk-off hit

09/06/1986 Minnesota Twins 3-2 Marty Barrett's game walk-off hit tops off an Oil Can Boyd gem
09/07/1914 New York Giants 5-4 The "Miracle" Boston Braves, tied for first place with the N.Y. Giants, come from behind with a walk-off win in Game #1, but lose Game #2
09/08/1948 New York Yankees 10-6

The Sox comeback twice to beat the Yankees and keep first place

09/11/1915 Chicago White Sox 5-4 The Red Sox come from behind to tie the game in the
9th inning and then beat the White Sox in the 11th inning
09/11/1918 Chicago Cubs 2-1 1918 World Series, Game #6 - The Red Sox win their last
World Series for 86 years
09/12/1979 New York Yankees


Carl Yastrzemski collects his 3000th hit
09/12/2007 Tampa Bay Devil Rays 5-4 David Ortiz's second home run of the game is a 9th inning
walk-off capping a Red Sox comeback
09/14/1915 Chicago White Sox 2-1

Babe Ruth knocks off the White Sox on the mound and at the plate

09/14/1923 Cleveland Indians 3-2

Ira Flagstead helps win in 12 innings while
George Burns pulls off an unassisted triple play

09/14/1975 Milwaukee Brewers 8-6

Fred Lynn's arm and his four hits, pulls the Sox out

09/15/2016 New York Yankees 7-5 Hanley Ramirez' 9th inning walk-off HR
caps a five run ninth inning rally against the Yankees
09/16/1949 St. Louis Browns 12-4

Mel Parnell ties a record while Vern Stephens hits 2 HRs

09/16/1965 Cleveland Indians 2-0 Dave Morehead pitches a no-hitter against Luis Tiant and the Indians
09/16/1966 California Angels 5-4 Carl Yastrzemski leads the Sox back with a homer in the eighth inning
and walk-off double in the ninth
09/18/1915 Detroit Tigers 1-0 The Red Sox beat the second place Tigers in a 12 inning,
walk-off, late season showdown
09/17/1931 Cleveland Indians 9-2 Earl Webb hits two doubles to tie and then break
the major league record for doubles in a season (65)
09/20/1919 Chicago White Sox 4-3 Babe Ruth's walk-off last Red Sox home run on "Babe Ruth Day"
09/20/1949 Cleveland Indians 5-2

Mel Parnell breaks Babe Ruth's record for wins by a left-hander

09/20/2013 Toronto Blue Jays 6-3 From worst to first ... The Red Sox clinch the 2013 A.L. East title
09/21/1949 Cleveland Indians 9-6 Ted Williams supplies the come-back power
and Ellis Kinder shuts off the lights
09/21/1999 Toronto Blue Jays 3-0 Pedro Martinez sets the Red Sox single season strikeout record
09/21/2004 Baltimore Orioles 3-2 Curt Schilling gets deprived of his 21st win, but the Sox rally in the bottom of the ninth with a walk-off win
09/21/2006 Minnesota Twins 6-0 David Ortiz hits record breaking 51st and 52nd home runs
09/22/2004 Baltimore Orioles 3-2 Orlando Cabrera homers the Sox to another come-from-behind
walk-off win in extra innings after a blown save
09/23/2012 The Red Sox celebrate the life of Johnny Pesky
09/24/1943 Cleveland Indians 1-0 Tony Lupien's walk-off wins it for Joe Dobson's near perfect game
09/24/1996 Baltimore Orioles 13-8 Mo Vaughn's three HRs give him 40 homers and 200 hits in a season
09/25/1912 New York Highlanders 6-0 Joe Wood ties Cy Young for wins in a season (33)
09/25/1949 New York Yankees 4-1 After 148 games, and being 11 games behind, the Red Sox finally
catch the Yankees and tie them for first place
09/25/2015 Mookie Betts leaps over the bullpen wall to make a tremendous game ending catch
09/27/1916 New York Yankees 3-2

A suicide squeeze play wins the game in the 10th inning

09/27/1917 Major League Stars 2-0 The Red Sox beat an All Star team in the Tim Murnane Memorial Game
09/28/1960 Baltimore Orioles 5-4 Ted Williams hits a home run in his final at bat
as the Red Sox notch a come-from-behind win in the ninth inning
09/28/1986 Toronto Blue Jays 12-3 The Red Sox win their first American League East title after 11 years
09/28/2008 Johnny Pesky has his number (6) retired
09/30/1916 New York Yankees 1-0 Mike McNally's dash beats the Yankees in the tenth inning
09/30/1967 Minnesota Twins 6-4 George Scott and Carl Yastrzemski hit clutch homers and the
Red Sox take the pennant race to the last game of the season
10/01/1938 New York Yankees 9-2 Jimmie Foxx hits club record 50th home run
10/01/1967 Minnesota Twins 5-3 The Red Sox complete the "Impossible Dream" and
clinch the American League pennant
10/01/1978 Toronto Blue Jays 5-0 Luis Tiant pitches the Red Sox into a one game playoff vs the Yankees
10/02/1983 Cleveland Indians 3-1 Carl Yastrzemski's last game
10/03/1948 New York Yankees 10-5 Dom DiMaggio leads the Red Sox past brother Joe and the Yankees to force a one game playoff with the Indians
10/03/1990 Chicago White Sox 3-1 Tom Brunansky's 9th inning game ending catch to win the A.L. East
10/04/2003 Oakland Athletics 3-1 2003 ALDS, Game #3 - Trot Nixon's walk-off HR keeps Sox alive
10/05/1967 St. Louis Cardinals 5-0 1967 World Series, Game #2 - Jim Lonborg's one hitter ties the Series
10/05/2003 Oakland Athletics 5-4

David Ortiz's two run double gives the Sox a
come-from-behind win in the 2003 ALDS

10/05/2007 Los Angeles Angels 6-3 2007 ALDS, Game #2 - Manny Ramirez's 9th inning
walk-off home run wins the game for the Red Sox
10/06/2008 Los Angeles Angels 3-2 2008 ALDS, Game #4 - Jed Lowrie's walk-off single sends
the Red Sox to the ALCS
10/08/1933 New York Giants 21-20 The Boston Redskins first win at Fenway Park ...
Cliff Battles breaks NFL rushing record
10/08/2004 Anaheim Angels 8-6 2004 ALDS, Game #3 - David Ortiz hits a walk-off homer
in the 10th inning to give the Red Sox the ALDS
10/09/1999 Cleveland Indians 9-3 1999 ALDS, Game #3 - Red Sox comeback win keeps them alive
10/10/1952 University of Miami 9-7 Harry Agganis leads Boston University in an upset win over Miami
10/10/2021 Tampa Bay Rays 6-4 2021 ALDS, Game #3 - Christian Vazquez blasts a 13th inning walk-off HR
10/12/1914 Philadelphia Athletics 5-4 1914 World Series, Game #3 - Hank Gowdy helps the Braves
win an extra inning thriller
10/13/1914 Philadelphia Athletics 3-1 1914 World Series, Game #4 - The "Miracle Braves" win the World Series
10/13/2013 Detroit Tigers 6-5 2013 ALCS, Game #2 - David Ortiz ties the game with a grandslam homer and Jarrod Saltalamachia wins the game with a walk-off single
10/15/1986 California Angels 8-1 1986 ALCS, Game #7 - Roger Clemens leads
the Red Sox into the World Series
10/16/1912 New York Giants 3-2 1912 World Series, Game #8 - The Red Sox come from behind in the 10th inning to win the first World Series at Fenway Park
10/16/1964 Oakland Raiders 43-43 The Patriots erase 20 point lead as Babe Parilli breaks
the team passing record
10/16/1999 New York Yankees 13-1 1999 ALCS, Game #3 - Pedro Martinez knocks out Roger Clemens
10/16/2008 Tampa Bay Rays 8-7 2008 ALCS, Game #5 - J.D. Drew brings the Sox come back from the brink in the 2008 ALCS
10/17/2004 New York Yankees 6-4 Dave Roberts' stolen base sparks the greatest comeback in Red Sox history
10/18/2004 New York Yankees 5-4 2004 ALCS, Game #5 - David Ortiz hits another walk-off homer
in the 14th inning to keep the Red Sox alive in the ALCS
10/19/2013 Detroit Tigers 5-2 2013 ALCS, Game #6 - Shane Victorino's grandslam homer launches the Red Sox into the World Series
10/21/1975 Cincinnati Reds 7-6 Carlton Fisk's walk-off 12th inning homer highlights
one of the greatest games in World Series history
10/21/2007 Cleveland Indians 11-2 2007 ALCS, Game #7 - The Red Sox complete a three game
comeback and win the ALCS
10/24/2018 Los Angeles Dodgers 4-2 2018 World Series, Game #2 - David Price and the Sox bullpen
shut down the Dodgers
10/30/2013 St. Louis Cardinals 6-1 2013 World Series, Game #6 - The Red Sox win their first World Series at Fenway Park since 1918
11/16/1940 Georgetown 19-18 Undefeated Boston College beats undefeated Georgetown
11/18/1942 Holy Cross 55-12 One of the biggest upsets in college football history -
Holy Cross beats undefeated Boston College, thereby canceling the BC celebration at the Cocoanut Grove Night Club the night it burned down
11/29/1930 Boston College 7-0 Holy Cross finally beats Boston College on a blocked punt
11/29/1936 Pittsburgh Pirates 30-0 The Boston Redskins clinch the NFL East title and
play their last game in Boston before moving to Washington D.C.
11/29/1941 Holy Cross 14-13 Boston College beats Holy Cross in dramatic comeback classic
12/01/1928 Holy Cross 19-0 B.C. beats rival Holy Cross to have an undefeated season